Football Money

Information of fixed football games every week

Upcoming matches

Date Odd Cost
24 October 2.8-3.0 0.28 btc
25 October 2.6-2.8 0.26 btc
28 October 2.8-3.0 0.28 btc
The next free match scheduled on 04 November

How to trust:

1. Free matches

We offer free matches about 2-3 times a month. So if you want to check us out - just wait for a free match. 

2. Escrow

You can use clearnet escrow service if you are not sure about your coins.

We are not some scamming shit. As you can see we offer fair conditions to make you and us some profit.


We have information of fixed football games every week. Insider information available to sell. It is 100% accurate info. Huge profits can be made on the online betting. For more information please read the FAQ

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